Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Sports, Part 3: Volleyball & Water Polo




People say that volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world today.

William G. Morgan  invented volleyball and he introduced it in 1895 at a Massachusetts YMCA.  Six players are on each side and the ball measures 65-67 cm in circumference and weighs 260-280g.  It became an Olympic sport in 1964, and the first winners were American.  There are currently about 800 million volleyballers in the world.

Do you play volleyball?  It was popular in my school but now when I hear "volleyball", my mind wanders off to the beach.

I've compiled these French-English volleyball terms:



terrain court
filet net
temps-mort time out
remplacement substitution
faute foul
blocage blocking
joueur arrière back line player
service serve
surface de service service area
ligne de fond back line (also: baseline)
ligne centrale (aussi: ligne médiane) center line
ligne d'attaque attack line
piste d'élan approach
zone arrière back court
manchette bump
coup croisé cross court shot
feinte dink

water polo

Water Polo

In water polo, there are 13 players but only 12 of them can be in the water at the same time.  Players can toss or throw the ball with one hand but cannot be punched by others except the goalkeeper.

The dress code for water polo are trunks and caps.  Caps must be secured firmly under the chin.  If a cap falls off, the player must replace it at the next stoppage.  No player is allowed to apply oil or grease on his/her body.  When a team gains possession of the ball, players have 35 seconds to shoot it towards the goal; if not, they must concede a free throw. 

I've always wondered about the 35-second rule and where it came from.  And why 35 and not 30?  According to the NCAA, there was an attempt to change 35 seconds to 30 but somehow, the 35-second rule was maintained.  NCAA rules change every two years, so the next rules review will take place in 2010.  Officials will probably revisit the 35 second rule.



coup de coin corner throw
contre-attaque counter attack
supériorité numérique extra man advantage
joueur de champ field player
remise en jeu par le gardien de but goal throw
tir de pénalité penalty throw
règle de 35 secondes 35-second rule

This rounds up our French English summer sports vocabulary (I'll be back with more terms at a future date).

The next series?  How about infectious diseases?


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