Monday, June 8, 2009

Babies, Part 2

Shopping for the Newborn

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, shopping is her second best friend, a morale booster, a well-deserved treat.  For some spending money is a stress-releaser, confirmation of that very female sentiment that, "I deserve it. I work hard for my money."

No one can take that away from anyone.  I had colleagues who made it a point to take an extra hour during lunch on pay day to roam the mall.  They say that the mere act of buying something reminds them that even an unfulfilling job  has its rewards.

baby4 When the baby arrives, the dynamics change somewhat.  A brand new mother still enjoys shopping, but this time she's thinking, "my baby deserves the best."  Spending for herself takes the back seat.

Shopping for the baby is now a lot more exciting and  quality makes it to the top of the list.  When it comes to their babies, they'll invest in quality before anything else. As the idea of motherhood takes hold, the purse strings know no limits.

Here are some baby items that mothers include on their shopping list.



alaise baby change pad
bavette (or: protège-épaule) baby burping cloth
porte bébé pour les hanches hip carrier
hamacs slings
poussette stroller
siège auto pour bébé baby car seat
fourre-tout tote bag
culottes d'entrainement training pants
sucette (or: tétine) pacifier
porte bébé extensible stretchy wrap

Elinor Goulding Smith and Marshall McLuhan had good insights about babies.  Here they are:

Elinor Goulding Smith:  "It sometimes happens, even in the best of families, that a baby is born. This is not necessarily cause for alarm. The important thing is to keep your wits about you and borrow some money."

Marshall McLuhan:  "Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it."  baby5

According to Hampton's Diapers, an online company (, the modern child can go through almost 5,000 diaper changes;  some sources put that figure closer to 11,000.  So how many diapers go to landfills?  Hampton's Diapers says 21 billion annually!


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