Saturday, August 22, 2009

French to English: Information Technology, Part 2

People with a background in information technology who have years of experience working in both the public and private sectors face bright job prospects.  Make that very bright!  The projections are that jobs in information technology (that includes computer and management information systems, Internet security and infrastructure design) will grow an average of 16% up to the year 2016.

technology Thanks to innovation, technologies evolve rapidly; those who keep up and become savvy techies can name their price.  Network security specialists are probably the most blessed group.  Companies desiring to maintain that competitive edge will consistently review and replace their existing computer systems and upgrade to more sophisticated networks. 

The US Department of Labor provides median annual earnings in those industries that hire the largest numbers of computer and information system managers:

Computer systems design and related services: $109,130

Management of companies and enterprises: $105,980

Data processing, hosting, and related services: $105,200

Insurance carriers: $102,180

Colleges, universities, and professional schools: $83,280

If you're interested in an IT career, you may want to visit the web site of the Association of Information Technology Professionals:  The association is based in Illinois and regularly sponsors seminars across US cities for information systems professionals.  It also offers scholarships to selected colleges and universities as well as to some individuals and private organizations to further the promotion of information technology systems.

Let's add to your IT lexicon:



inforoute (ou autoroute de l'information) information highway
accès access
courriel e-mail
bande passante bandwidth
intelligence artificielle artificial intelligence
applet (ou mini application) applet
avatar avatar
blogue blog
navigateur Web browser
bavardoir chat room
logiciel de conversation en ligne internet relay chat software
groupe d'utilisateurs multiples multi-user group
envoi de messages textes text messaging
témoin (ou biscuit magique) cookie
piratage logiciel software piracy
protocole de transfert de fichier file transfer protocol
fossé numérique digital divide
large bande broadband
nom de domaine domain name
foire aux questions FAQ (frequently asked questions)
gratuiciel freeware
manique de la technologie (ou technophile) geek
interface graphique graphic user interface
page d'accueil home page
langage hypertexte HTML (hyper text markup language)
messagerie instantanée instant messaging

IT quote

More terms for you in our third and final series of IT terms!

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