Sunday, January 17, 2010

French to English: Gym Equipment, Part 2


I read somewhere that most cases of back pain is caused by strain in the lumbar area (chronic or acute), irritated nerves, disc damage, a condition called "bony encroachment" and bone and joint problems.

Strain in the lumbar area covers mostly the lower back and occurs when the tendons, muscles and ligaments are injured.  You get low back pain when you overuse or improperly use back muscles, or if you subject your back to trauma.

Irritated nerves can also cause low back pain.  Irritated nerves occur either because of disease or a mechanical jolt.  Damage to the discs - caused by degeneration of the outer rings of the discs or trauma - also contributes to lumbar pain.

A slew of tissue and bone problems that also produce low back pain in varying intensities include those conditions that are congenital (e.g. scoliosis and spina bifida), arthritis, weakening bone cartilage, and injuries and fractures.

The back has several muscles which surround the spine.  They facilitate movement between the vertebrae and also facilitate movements that use the back and shoulders.

Unless back pain is caused by a congenital disease, back problems are usually corrected with the correct exercises and with a good dose of discipline.

I used to suffer from back pain about three to four times a year but when I started going to the gym and worked with weights and machines, those flare-ups have disappeared.  My back pain would last a week, and getting in and out of the car was excruciating.  I was told, "don't overdo the resting in bed bit.  Get up and walk...walk a lot."

The number of machines for exercising the back has grown and some of them are designed to target specific areas of the back.  You can choose not to work with machines and simply use dumbbells or the exercise balls.  A physiotherapist can teach you some movements that if done consistently, will help relieve some of your symptoms.

What are some of the machines for exercising the back?

Take a peek!
appareil vertical
rotary pulldown
poulie verticale
lat pulldown
poulie 45°
incline row
rameur vertical
vertical row
banc lombaire
banc lombaire, fessiers et ischio-jambiers
deadlift and rowing platform
diverging row
appareil en "T" incliné
incline T bar row
appareil lombaire
lower back extension
poulie horizontale
low row
appareil pour trapèzes
shrug and deadlift machine
If you're not into machines, here's a video showing you how to exercise your upper back with weights and balls.


  1. This is a very nice list of all the gym equipment in French and in english. This will help me a lot when reading instructions in english work books. merci beaucoup!

  2. You're welcome abdominaux-andre! Lots of luck with your workouts!