Thursday, September 10, 2009

French to English: School and Office Supplies, Part 1

school1 Going to my favorite office supplies store is usually uneventful.  I walk along the aisles, make a note of how much prices have gone up, pick up what I need, pay for them and boogy out of there before the urge to spend more money gets a hold of me. 

Once in awhile I'd linger in the software section to see if there are any new products of interest.  Years ago, I used to buy what I want and need, but these days I spend money on only what I need.  Now that I work as a full time freelancer, I have learned to cut down on shopping with the frills.  If I think the software will be used for a couple of weeks only to be abandoned later, I resist the temptation to buy it (software is so expensive so I try to dabble in open source software when time permits).  

Like I said, most times that I spend in my supplies store are dull.  It's not a "happening" place - no tumbling boxes, no shouting clerks, no blaring music, no gang wars.  But the period late August and early September gets more interesting.  The store comes alive with snippets of Shakespearean drama.  Here's an example:

Mom:  Put that back, Heather. 

Heather:  But mom, I need it for school.

Mom:  No, you don't.  Besides you have one similar to what I bought last year.

Heather:  No, it isn't similar.  That one you bought didn't have any cartoon characters in it.  This one does.

Mom:  I've got the school's list right here, Heather.  That binder is not on the list. Besides, we've got a lot of binders at home.

Heather:  No, I...

Mom:  You say no again and I'll give you one you won't ever forget!

Heather:  Well, okay.  If I get a failing mark, don't blame me.  I need cartoon characters to inspire me to study.  School's boring as it is.

(Mom ignores her remark so the kid tries a different tactic.  She snuggles up to her mom, caressing her arm)

Heather:  Mom, if I do the dishes for two days and clean my room tomorrow, would you please...pretty please... buy this one for me?  I promise it'll be the last.  I just think these characters are awesome.

Even the dollar store gets its share of family drama during the back-to-school period.  The other day, I witnessed a father and two sons who created quite a commotion because the boys thought there was still a lot of room in the shopping cart but the father simply kept putting things back on the shelf.  A tug-of-war, I thought.  The final tally?  $105.00 (this is the dollar store, remember).  I saw the pain on the man's face when he reached out for his wallet.

The back-to-school period is one time you wish kids  become parents overnight!  You can keep saying "money doesn't grow on trees" until you're blue in the face, but it won't be as effective as when it's their turn to buy school supplies.



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