Wednesday, September 2, 2009

French to English: Wine, Part 2

decanter In my previous blog, I promised to show a video.  I found one that I thought was both educational and entertaining.  Gary Vaynerchuk speaks about decanting wine, especially top dollar wines.  In this video, he features the Amon-Ra Shiraz 2004 from the Barbosa Valley (Australia's equivalent of California's Napa Valley) to explain the benefits of decanting.

As I listened to Gary's engaging presentation, I couldn't help but think that decanting wine is like the courtship stage in a budding romance.  If a man meets a woman and proposes marriage after a few days' of wining and dining and then they tie the knot and hit the hay (pardon the  vulgar expression), they discover soon enough that the hasty decision to marry was a bad one.  The feelings of non-fulfillment and dissatisfaction nag at their psyche.  They come to another hasty decision:  they split up, bitter at the amount of money that was spent for the wedding, the reception and the honeymoon.

Gary Vaynerchuk says that if you buy an expensive Bordeaux, and then you take it straight to a restaurant to share with friends, you've just thrown away your precious dollars.  To get the FULL potential of wine and its  explosive and delightful combination of aroma, taste and texture, decanting is an indispensable step.  He suggests four to six hours of decanting to allow the wine to breathe freely.

Watch this video now.  You'll agree with me that his arguments are convincing!

You can tell Gary Vaynerhuk has discovered his passion.  I have a confession to make.  I have this secret wish of creating a video presentation with me as presenter, but my timid nature tells me that while I can convey the information I want to convey, I may not hold the attention of my audience long enough - the way Gary Vaynerchuk does so effortlessly!

Here's your lexicon:



réfractomètre refractometer
tenure en sucre sugar level
machines à vendanger machine harvesting
vendanges tardives late harvest
vin de glace ice wine
le buttage banking up
chaufferettes anti-frost smudge pots
trémie de réception receiving hopper
fouloir/égrappoir crusher/de-stemmer
cuve de fermentation upright fermentation vessel
presse pneumatique pneumatic press
chaptalisation et acidification chaptalization and acidification
macération maceration
remontage remontage
remuage des lies stirring the lees
fermentation malolactique malolactic fermentation
vin de "goutte" free run juice
vin de presse press wine
tanins tannins
décantation racking
vieilissement en bouteille bottle aging
collage et filtration fining and filtering

More wine terms in part 3.  Come again!

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