Tuesday, November 10, 2009

French to English: H1N1, Part 1

The swine flu is also called hog flu, pig flu or simply swine.  If you have symptoms like high fever, chills, coughing, aching joints, sore throat, headaches and generalized discomfort, see your doctor.  H1N1 a

Two weeks ago, my sister in Florida had flu-ish symptoms and fearing that she might have contracted swine flu went to the nearest clinic.  They took tests; after a few minutes she breathed a sigh of relief.  The tests came out negative.

But what if she was diagnosed with swine flu, she asked the doctor.  He said, "nothing to worry about.  We'll give you a prescription for the tamiflu and let's hope you're up and about in no time." 

I had never heard of tamiflu before so I looked it up. 

Tamiflu is the brand name of a substance called oseltamivir phosphate, an antiviral medication given to children and adults with flu symptoms. But be aware that Tamiflu should not be your first line of defence.  A flu shot is still your # 1 defense and protection.

h1N1 b The H1N1 virus can affect individuals who work with pigs; you don't get it from the foods you eat but do make sure the food is thoroughly cooked in case it's contaminated.

And do pay heed to what the media and the government are saying, especially when they talk about vaccination schedules.  If the World Health Organization, United Nations, general physicians, bacteriologists and pathologists are saying that everyone, regardless of health, must be vaccinated, then there must be credibility there.  If you lean towards the conspiracy theories that are circulating around, at least obtain information and opinions from the other side of the fence. 

The best argument is why take the chance?  It's free, it's safe and if kids are being vaccinated, then whatever side effects are being trumpeted about are no doubt negligible.

Here in Montreal, there was some confusion at first.  There were angry outbursts, frustrations, complaints and accusations about people getting preferential treatment.  Parents with young children were at their wits' end.  Most of the commotion has now subsided.  The papers are sending out constant reminders by publishing schedules, locations and hours.  There are also inserts and flyers.

Do yourself a favor.  Diarise your turn so you won't forget.  When this all started, I was skeptical.  But I've done my homework and like it or not, I'll have to show up at my health centre on December 7 and get that shot.



Grippe H1N1 H1N1 influenza
doses disponibles available doses
vacciner groupes en priorité vaccinate priority groups
calendrier de vaccination vaccination schedule
centre de vaccination vaccination centre
graves maladies chroniques severe chronic diseases
travailleurs de la santé health care workers
premiers répondants first responders
soutien à domicile in-home support services
personnes immunosupprimées immunosuppressed people
femmes enceintes pregnant women
symptômes de la grippe flu symptoms
guide autosoins self-care guide

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