Saturday, November 7, 2009

French to English: iPod, Part 3


Ever wondered how many iPods were produced by Apple in any given year?  Every wonder how many kids own one?  And ever wonder how many iPods a user has owned since the first generation iPods came out?

kids ipod Time to play the numbers game!  Jonny Evans who wrote an article last year for Macworld UK reported that many iPod users in England are under 10 years old.  Thirty one percent of British kids own an MP3 player and half of them are iPods.

Evans also says that if you looked into a kid's collection, the collection would look like this:

  • 125 songs
  • 10 TV shows
  • 15 movies

Jordon Golson of Valleywag, another online magazine, said that Apple sold 52.6 million iPods globally in 2007 alone.  He said that out of that 62.6 million, 27 million iPods were sold in the US.

What about you?  How many iPods have you owned?  Were you using a Zune or another player before switching to the iPod?

Copyright issues are beginning to appear in daily newspapers, especially now that Canada is getting ready to review legislation on copyright issues in 2010.  Canada has been blamed for being too lax regarding copyright, and observers have remarked that no amendments have been made to our copyright laws since 1997.

When you purchase content (music, movies, TV shows) from the iTunes Music store, Apple respects the policy of protecting artists' rights but gives you some leeway to enjoy content you purchased.  For example:

  • you can make as many backups as you want.  Download content and burn them on CDs and DVDs;
  • you can play songs and watch videos on a maximum of 5 separate computers;
  • copy content to as many iPods as you want
  • burn up to 7 CDs of the same playlist
  • you can also share content over a network (up to a max of 5 computers)

But if there's anything that can be said about laws, it's that they change.  So, when you register with the iTunes music store, read the fine print re conditions of use.

By the way, Christmas is less than 8 weeks away.  If you know of people who go gaga over their iPod declaring it as their only survival tool, make them happy and give them iTunes gift cards.  They're available in $15, $25, $50, $100 denominations.  They ship within 24 hours!

Just for fun, I googled "win an iPod contest" and guess how many results came out?  Over 4 million!  So if you're a freebie hunter and want to treat yourself to an iPod, join a contest.  Of course that 4 million would be a much lower number if you filtered the legit versus bogus contests (or contests that have already ended).



unique molette cliquable unique circular scroll wheel
bouton de séléction select button
mix de morceaux shuffle songs
en lecture now playing
précédent/retour rapid previous/rewind
lecture/pause play/pause
suivant/avance rapid next/fast-forward
configurer iTunes setting up iTunes
licence d'utilisation licence agreement
pistes audio music tracks
sauter des pistes skipping tracks
volet source source pane
panneau d'état status pane
égaliseur equalizer

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