Wednesday, November 4, 2009

French to English: iPod, Part 2

"What's on your iPod" is a regular feature of the Montreal Gazette.  It lists what's hot in music-mania land.

ipod part2 Your exciting iPod journey - if you bought it specifically to listen to music - begins and ends with iTunes.  The iTunes store makes it easy for customers like you to choose and download your favorite songs.  Do you have an idea how many songs are in the iTunes inventory?  No less than 11 million.  So your four-year old kid and your ninety-four year old mother-in- law will find their preferred titles, and...for the price of a song!

For single titles, you need not go the whole 9 yards but prices have a lot of 9s:  69 cents, 99 cents and $1.29.  A full album costs $9.99.

An enticing benefit is that you can burn your song as many times as you like because it doesn't come with DRM restrictions - digital rights management.  A second enticing benefit is that you can buy individual songs from an album at different times and if you decide, one month later that you want to purchase the entire album, you don't pay full price.  All the songs you purchased before will not be charged and will be credited to your account.  This falls under the "Complete My Album" feature.

What's more, you can play the song you purchased on as many as 5 different computers and on an unlimited number of iPod players.

If the benefits described above aren't enough to convince you, here's a real plus:  when you download a select album, you can sing along because the lyrics will show on your screen after a few clicks.  You'll also learn whether or not the artist you're currently playing produced a music video which you can watch as well if that tickles your fancy.  Many music videos cost 99 cents and you can watch it right on your iPod or on your widescreen television with Apple TV.

Shall we get to your dozen or so iPod terms?



facultatif optional
mode veille sleep mode
connections à 4 broches 4-pin connections
affichage iPod iPod display
commutateur "hold" hold switch
bande orange orange bar
iridescent iridescent
indicateur de batterie faible low battery indicator
batterie intégrée de type lithium-ion built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
icône batterie indiquant la charge restante battery icon with progress bar
étui dissipateur de chaleur heat-dissipating carrying case
rétro-éclairage backlight
reglages settings

One more bonus:  every Tuesday, the iTunes stores features a Single of the Week.  You can download this for free.  After you've made a few purchases, Apple will send you weekly recommendations based on your buying history and this they do by sending you a newsletter.  But you need to subscribe to iTunes newsletters first!

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